Restoration, Sponsorship and Donations

Braemar Castle is an independent, non profit making charity which receives no regular
financial support from the public sector. Funding for the restoration and upkeep
must be raised through the efforts of community volunteers and the project team.

We took over the operation of the Castle from Invercauld Estate in 2017 and have raised almost £500K to repair the roof and chimneys.  However much remains to be achieved to bring the Castle up to the standard expected by our visitors.   The Castle looks scruffy and uninviting.  It needs to be completely re-harled.  Over the centuries it's been repaired with inappropriate materials and dampness is seeping in.  We need to strip the old covering off and replace it with the "correct" harl mix.  In Autumn 2017, we raised funding  through a Crowdfunding Initiative to set up harling test patches to establish exactly what that mix should be. Heritage Lottery Fund matched the £10K we raised with another £10K - and the money kept rolling in to reach a grand total of £22,500

We are very grateful to the enormous support we have received in the past from Historic Scotland (now Historic Environment Scotland), Cairngorms Leader Fund, Aberdeenshire Council, the Cairngorms National Park Authority as well as from private donors.

We are now in the process of preparing the extensive paperwork required for Stage1 Heritage Lottery Fund Application.  It's likely that re-harling the Castle will cost getting on for £1millon, so it's a huge project.  We are however confident that we will get there.  No funder ever funds a complete project, they look to match funding coming from all sorts of sources including community fund-raising - so - every penny counts and delivers more funding.  If you’d like to help please donate using the button below

Thank you - and we look forward to seeing you at the Castle this year

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