Our Castle and its Stories
Take a journey into living history. Step through the entrance door and up the spiral staircase to learn how the Castle, built by the 2nd Earl of Mar in 1628, transformed from a strategically positioned hunting lodge to an austere redcoat military garrison after the Jacobite risings, and finally became a high society retreat with royal connections throughout the 19th and 20th century.

Discover the stories of many fascinating and colourful characters, who inhabited or visited Braemar Castle, throughout its 400 year history, leaving their mark in the fabric of the building and grounds.

Explore the Castle ten rooms which reflect the comfortable family home created by the 16th Laird of Invercauld Alwyne Farquharson and his wife Frances Oldham, the dynamic American Fashion Editor of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, the first Castle residents to open their home to visitors in 1961. The extensive use of the colour pink is a statement to the great friendship between Frances and Elsa Schiaparelli, iconic fashion designer and inventor of the colour shocking pink.


Our Gardens and Grounds

Our Castle grounds have been redeveloped to improve accessibility and enrich our visitors’ experience.

  • An accessible Timeline Trail leads to the Castle entrance and traces key events in the Castle history.
  • The reinstated 1930s Kitchen Garden, with a focus on health and wellbeing, displays a simple layout planted with heritage varieties of fruit and vegetables. An outdoor audio post reminiscences about life growing up in Braemar.
  • The Fog House, a 19th century folly with a thatched heather roof, is the best location to enjoy wonderful views towards Invercauld Estate.
  • Our spiral path with a little standing stone in the centre provides endless fun to young visitors.
  • Our ancient Scots pines and newly planted young native trees are home to a woodland trail and local wildlife.
  • The Welcome Cabin within the curtain wall is equipped with accessible toilets, exhibition panels, souvenir shop and ticket office.

Enjoy Our

Enjoy more ways to connect with Braemar Castle with our new digital guide available on Bloomberg Connects, the free arts and culture app. Explore our interactive map, take a room-by-room tour, enjoy a deep dive into our collection, listen to new audio commentary about the castle and its history, and much more.
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Resources for Children

Engage in hands-on activities, such as coloring books or crafts, to bring the castle to life in their imaginations. With these resources, children can embark on an exciting journey of discovery through the captivating history of Braemar Castle.
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Our Recent Transformation

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